Altered Bottles with New Shades of Chalk Paints from Little Birdie

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My post today features three new shades from the Little Birdie Matt Chalk Paint series–Wild Wasabi (my absolute favorite), Muted Teal, and Cocoa Mist.

I started with three empty glass bottles–which I had worked on already to remove the labels and glue. Little Birdie Chalk Paints do offer great coverage so the use of gesso you see in the pic below is optional. I tend to prime all alterables with gesso before starting to paint.

My apologies for the very chaotic background in my pics…since Mum’s been unwell, I’ve given up my crafting spot and, when I get to craft occasionally, I tend to park myself and my supplies wherever she is at the time of day so I can coordinate with her caregivers easily.

Back to my post. Now that I have my bottles primed, I give them a good hour or so to dry on their own. Next, I break out my new Little Birdie Chalk Paints. Phew! I could not wait to get started with these! I used a craft/sponge brush to spread the paint …using off cuts from an oval die to mask oval shaped areas on the bottles. I used these off cuts because I had them lying around. If you are getting shapes die cut for this purpose, use copy paper instead of cardstock, it bends easily and the weakest glue can secure it to the bottle. Using a strong glue could lift chunks off the primer.

Once I was done painting the bottles, I took this damask tissue from the store and tore out patterns (using a wet brush) the same size as the white patches on the bottles. I decoupaged the patterns on to the bottles.

I dry-brushed some gesso on the pattern to tone it down a little. Next, I tore tiny floral patterns out of this rose themed napkin from the store and layered the flowers on to the area where the gesso covered the damask pattern.

The morning after this Mum was rushed to the hospital where she stayed for the next week (including Diwali) so you’ll see a change in setting in the next few pics. Luckily, I had taken out supplies I meant to use as embellishments on these bottles, or I’d have lost track completely!

So, I got back to the bottles… took a dot of paint in each color to blend the edges of the decoupaged oval shapes…the lines were too harsh. I then went over the floral pattern with a thick coat of decoupage glue and took my heating tool to it.

I added a few elements of interest to finish the look–all embellishments (silver ball chain, flatback pearls, flowers, pollens, jute twine, pearl beads) are from the store. I just added a couple resin flowers from my stash.

Here are the finished bottles–you may be wondering why one of the patterns is left aligned while the other two are not…umm…no good reason, really…it just worked out better like that It’s been bothering me a wee bit but these bottles will end up being gifts to different people (at which point I’ll add a sentiment chip/sticker) so the the alignment won’t matter eventually! 😀

This last pic came out blurry…my apologies. By the time I found out, I’d run out of daylight.

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Home Decor Chalk Paint Wild Wasabi
Home Decor Chalk Paint Cocoa Mist
Home Decor Chalk Paint Muted Teal
Premium Beaded Chain – Silver 2.4mm, 1mtr




Assorted Twisted Jute Twine
Pearl Beads – Plastic, Light Pink #2


17 Replies to “Altered Bottles with New Shades of Chalk Paints from Little Birdie”

    1. Thanks so much Suman. Means a lot, both your encouragement in my work and your wishes for Mum…she is a little better now… Hugs <3

  1. These look gorgeous. I am new to the world of art and craft, inspired by your idea, i tried the same. Facing a small problem, as soon as i apply chalk paint on the glass bottle primed with gesso, the layer seems to be wearing off. Can you help me with this?

    1. Hi, Ruchika. Thanks a ton for your appreciation and happy to have inspired your work. The primer peeling off is a risk but I have noticed that letting the gesso dry on its own for a few hours helps ensure no peeling off when the paint layers start building up. Sanding the glass surface before starting to prime (giving it “teeth”) is another way of ensuring the primer grabs well. Hope this helps!

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