Artistic ScrapBook Cover with a Twist

Hello Arty -crafty folks…..

Nupur here with another project  that’s a little out of the ordinary!

Spring for me is colors, flowers and memories. So I decided to make the combination of all these things.

I will show you today, how I made my own Scrapbook cover/Album. The twist here is, I used Resin on my own painting and that too on paper!! Below is the final image of what I will be making.

I have used all supplies from Itsy Bitsy. So, if you are interested in creating something similar, you can shop for everything under one roof. Now, let’s get started.

I first took an Artist Paper (which is 400 GSM) . I very much needed this thick paper, because I will be using resin on the paper.

I  cut it in the desired size

Using Wet on Wet technique, I first pre-wet my paper and splashed water colors on it.

Then,  just add some random shades and shapes with watercolor.

Remember I used Mont Marte tube water colors here, because I wanted my colors to be bright. Mont Marte tube water colors have very high transparent pigments and give a very bright look. Once my painting was dry, I used the stamp “Live with Passion”

Now I used distress Ink on the sides.

Next, with craft punch, I cut the flowers and leaves and stuck those on the paper.

Once my paper was dry, I mixed Little Birdie Resin and Hardener in 1:1 ratio and put it on my paper, spread it evenly and let it dry.

Have you ever used Resin on paper? If yes, has it given you the desired effect?? Probably No.

But this Little Birdie Resin and hardener can be used on paper to give a glass like coverage.

The only thing to remember is, use thick paper(more then 300 GSM)

Once the resin was completely dry (took approx 24 hours to dry) I stuck that paper to my craft paper and used the wooden stamp and distressed it on the edges.

One this is done, I took a handmade sheet, which was very thick

Folded it, this way

I then cut the thin strip of my craft paper and stamped it.

At the back of the cover I put two loops.

Now gathered all my elements together and stuck them with silicon glue.


Next, I punched inside and put card rings with some papers ( you can use scrapbooking papers, this is just to show that I have randomly put white papers).


Yey!! My scrapbook cover is done with my own painting which is concealed and protected with resin forever.

Now you can open this and store as many memories as you want!!

Hope you all liked the twist of painting and scarpbooking all in one!

Happy Painting and happy Crafting.




Materials I used :




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  1. It’s a beauty.. my my.
    Just a query how u spread resin-manually or using brush. If you used brush ,then which brush… normal or silicone.

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