Coffee Art on Canvas

“A home runs on love, laughter and lots of strong coffee.”

The smell of coffee reminds people of home!!

Hello everyone,  Shanta here and today I will take you through a painting tutorial with an offbeat medium….Yes coffee, it is!!

Coffee art developed accidentally when,  an artist unintentionally spilt some coffee on a canvas. It was then that the artist realized, it would be a great medium to work with.

A popular beverage with intoxicating aroma which is a stimulant in itself, is presently a favorite pick to make sepia paintings. For artists, coffee turns out to be a very versatile medium that helps with variations in tones and the depth of the colour with its dark and rich hues. That is indeed fascinating!!


I sketched a design of my choice onto the canvas board.

To make coffee paint I mixed a portion of coffee powder and Decoupage Glue- Matte. For a darker shade, I increased the amount of coffee powder in the mixture. For a lighter shade, I added a little water to the mixture.

I started off by giving a light coffee wash to the entire canvas.

I then worked on the outline of the design by using a dark shade  of the prepared coffee paint.

Thereafter, I worked on the canvas and filled up the design by using this mixture/paint. I used lighter shades for the mountains, river and stones by giving them light brush strokes.

For the trees I gently dabbed a darker shade of the coffee paint. Similarly, using the darker shade of the coffee paint as required, I completed the other subjects in the painting.

I finally sprayed sufficient amount of varnish to seal the paint.

And this is the completed coffee painting on canvas..


Instant Coffee Powder

Mont Marte Canvas Board

Little Birdie Decoupage Glue: Matt

Round Brush #5

Acrylic Spray Varnish

I hope you enjoyed going through the procedure of making a coffee painting and would indulge in brewing a painting of your own!!




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