Crafter in the Spotlight Daizy Patel

Hello creative folks! This week an ardent crafter, Daizy Patel from Delhi has the spotlight on her! Let’s hear more about this enthusiastic crafter who was born and brought up in Punjab but has made Delhi her home now. Daizy is a teacher by profession and a craft enthusiast.

Daizy was passionate about crafts right from her childhood and loved making use of waste materials to create something new. She would craft with pages from old calendars, patches of old fabric and make embellishments and cards.

Daizy started crafting full time only few years back. Since then, she has tried her hands on many different techniques. As Daizy says, crafting is like ‘Meditation’ to her. Whenever she feels low, she turns to my studio…the place which has never disappointed her! For Daizy, working with colours, scissors, papers are the best way to drive away all negative thoughts.

Read along to find out Daizy’s favourite craft forms, her arty-crafty wish, craft essentials she can’t live without, how she describes her style of crafting, what she enjoys most besides crafting and more. Also catch glimpses of a step by step project by Daizy. Don’t forget to leave your loving comments for her.


Rashmi Closepet M.D Itsy Bitsy: What are your favourite craft forms?

Daizy Patel: Although I like all forms of craft, paper crafting and mixed media are my most favourite.

RC: If you are granted an arty-crafty wish, what would you ask for?

DP: Well, in that case I would wish for never ending supplies of craft materials.

RC: How did you come to know about Itsy Bitsy?

DP: I came across the store in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and then the website.

RC: Tell us about your most exciting shopping experience at Itsy Bitsy.

DP: Craft shopping always excites me but on serious note, I have two incidents to describe:First one was when I saw one of my projects was selected in top two projects of Itsy Bitsy’s monthly challenge and won me a voucher! Shopping with that was super exciting.The Second one was when my whole family went shopping for a wedding in the family and I ended up in Itsy Bitsy store shopping for my craft supplies.

RC: What craft products attract you the most?

DP: New dies, stamps, paper packs, handmade flowers, texture pastes are the few that top the list.

RC: What is your ideal crafting time in a day?

DP: I love to craft early in the morning or late at night as there is less disturbance during these hours.

RC: What are your ‘Can’t live without’ craft essentials?

DP: To be honest, my A C Moore Trimmer, Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors and Tacky Tape are the supplies I can’t live without.

RC: How long have you been crafting?

DP: I don’t remember exactly, but I was interested in crafting since childhood it was only in 2017 I started serious crafting.

RC: Which 3 words describe your crafting style the best?

DP:   Aesthetic, Evocative, Harmonizing

RC: Any inspirational tips for newbies and craft enthusiasts?

DP: Create more to learn more. Don’t think much if something goes wrong….As crafting is a pleasure! Don’t over stress yourself.

RC: Any tips for fellow crafters to help them organize their workspace better.

DP: I am not sure whether it works for all or not but I have dedicated boxes for different materials as it becomes easy for me to stack them and find supplies when required.

RC: What inspired you the most in your creative journey?

DP: The appreciation from my family and my friends helped me and inspired me to create new things. I loved when my little one says “Mamma, aapne toh kamaal kar diya”.

RC: According to you what’s the best way to overcome a creative block?

DP: Whenever, you feel stuck, pamper yourself…. buy fresh stuff and try hands on it. I am sure you will end up with something amazing.

RC: Why do you think people should continue with ‘Handmade’?

DP: Handmade is always ‘heart made’, so it is always valuable and more than just a gesture or formality.

RC: Other than crafting what do you enjoy the most?

DP: I love teaching, reading novels and listening to songs.

RC:  Which are the product categories you check out most often for new arrivals?

DP: I am always on a hunt for new dies, stamps, handmade embellishments and paper packs.

Here is a step by step project by  Daizy

To make my project I decided to pick up an old pendulum clock lying as trash in my store room for past many years. I removed the machinery and the number dial and applied gesso on the round base.

After that, I decided to give crackle effect to the rest of the exposed area so I applied a thin layer of acrylic deep brown colour. I let the coat dry and then applied Little Birdie’s One Step Crackle Medium. After that I applied white acrylic colour on top of the the coat of the Crackle Medium for the cracks to appear. I wanted very fine cracks so I applied a very thin layer of paint.

I used a mandala design napkin from the Itsy Bitsy store and decoupaged it on the circular base. Meanwhile I stamped a fairy with the Little Birdie’s Fairy Stamp Set and coloured it with water colour pencils.

I distressed the rest of the area with orange and teal colours to match the tissue and the fairy.

Now it was time to place the fairy on the decoupaged base.

For the lower base I decided to put a leafy string so that the entire project shall look like a garden. I used Little Birdie’s Crystal Drops to create sparkling pyramids of red and green colours. I used Little Birdie’s handmade Rosalind flowers to give the sides of my project a floral and vibrant look. A dash of moss was necessary to provide a delicate touch to the entire look.

Small paper flowers and a few more embellishments were placed.

However, my project could not be completed without making use of my very favourite product i.e. Little Birdie’s Embossing Paste. So I used Warm Cinnamon and Emerald Isle colours to create muddy and grassy look on the project. I placed some shells to enhance the decor.

To give finishing look to the project I applied Little Birdie’s RESIN solution.


Here are a couple of  Daizy’s  other awesome creations:

Many congrats  Daizy   for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY!!

You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!


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