Crafter in the Spotlight Sunita Tandon

Hello crafty folks! Let’s begin September’s ‘Crafter in the Stoplight’ with the story of an ardent crafter Sunita Tandon, who is originally from Uttar Pradesh but currently resides in Delhi.

Sunita has always been passionate about art and crafts, especially soap making. She also loves parchment art and painting and has added an interesting flavor to it by mixing it with the Madhubani art form. Sunita has a dedicated timetable for crafting and believes discipline and time management play a very important role in life.

Sunita’s most prized possession from Itsy Bitsy is her first die cutting machine. She encourages fellow crafters to maintain their individual styles and not worry about what others would think of their creations. Given some magical powers, she would like to make crafting supplies and mentorship available to all those who need guidance and help them showcase their work to a larger audience.

Read along to find out what are Sunita’s favorite supplies from Itsy Bitsy, what tips does she want to share with her fellow crafters and how does she manage her time for crafting. Additionally, catch glimpses of a step by step project by her. Don’t forget to shower your love on her.

Rashmi Closepet M.D Itsy Bitsy: Tell us a bit about yourself & your background?

Sunita Tandon: I am a self-employed woman with interest in crafting and soap making. I come from Etawah, a city on the banks of river Yamuna, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where I completed my schooling. I am a grandmother of a little princess and both my sons reside abroad.

RC: How did you get into crafting?

ST: Art and craft has been my favorite pastime. I love exploring different dimensions of art. I thoroughly enjoy soap making. I have also learnt parchment art and painting and have infused it with Madhubani art form to bring about some innovation and interest.

RC: What is your favourite type of craft?

ST: Parchment craft is one of my favorites as it helps me to innovate and allows me the freedom to merge different types of art on a single canvas.

RC: What are your favourite products at Itsy Bitsy?

ST: I am a die-hard fan of Little Birdie’s handmade flowers, decoupage glue, decor varnish and my die cut machine.

RC: If you had magical powers, how would you contribute to the Crafting world?

ST: I would first expand arts and craft to every corner of the world. I believe individuals have the talent, but they do not have access to the right resources or mentorship. With magical powers, I would like to help such individuals and provide them a platform to showcase their creations and contribute innovative ideas to the world of crafting.

RC: Your prized possession in your craft stash from Itsy Bitsy?

ST: My first die cut machine. This is something which came to me in 2012 and allowed me to create some of my most innovative creations.

RC: How would you describe your style of crafting?

ST: Vintage and Simple with a pinch of innovation.

RC: How do you organise your time for crafting?

ST: I have an organized timetable for my work. I craft thrice a week, from 11am to 3pm. During this time, I try to avoid any distractions and fully concentrate on my passion and explore the world of creativity.

RC: Tips for people who want to craft.

ST: Let your inner creativity shine in any form of craft that you are passionate about. One should never worry about what people will think about their work. Every person should retain their individuality and style.

RC: Your all -time favourite quote?

ST: Craft like no one is watching your bank balance.

Here is a Step by Step project by  Sunita


This is pure glycerine  melt n pour soap. Embedded couple again made of glycerine melt  and pour base.

Step 1_ first v will make wedding vows embed for this v need weighing scale, microwave safe tumbler, 20gm glycerine soap base, a silicone mold. essential oil, as per your choice ,fragrance of your choice, rubbing alcohol, coconut oil, gold pearl powder n R O water.

step 2 -Add  few drops of water in 20gm glycerine melt m pour soap base n microwave for 10sec to melt it don”t over heat soap base.

Step 3- After melting soap base add gold perl powder n fragrance  mix it very lightly n pour it in wedding vows mold n leave it for 30 minutes it will look like this.

Step 4- After 30 minutes it will look like this.

now v will work for heart.

step 5 – for heart v need 30gm glycerine soap base, heart shaped mold, R O water, essential oil same used in making wedding vows n same fragrance.

Step 6-  Apply coconut oil inside the mold n place it on silicone mat.

Step 7- set wedding vows embed inside the heart shaped mold. Melt 30gm glycerine soap base, after melting add few drops of essential oil n fragrance mix it n pour  it on wedding vows embed before pouring melted soap base spray rubbing alcohol on wedding vows embed, n after pouring melted soap base again spray rubbing alcohol. rubbing alcohol removes air bubbles n it works like adhesive in between two base.

set in room temperature kindly do not keep it in refrigerator to set becaz after taking out it will loose moisture. To remove sharp rough use chess cutter.

Here are a couple of  Sunita’s  other awesome creations:

Many congrats  Sunita  for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY!!

You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!













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  1. Congratulations dear . Loved reading abt ur life story. Itsy bitsys crafter in spotlight is a wonderful platform for all of us to know abt each other .

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