Create a Chalkboard Accent Wall Kids will Love!

Good day to everyone!

It’s almost time for the summer vacations and I’m here with a fab idea that’s sure to keep the kids occupied this season.

A chalkboard wall is something that entertains the kids – they can draw, colour and explore their creativity and it’s better for the environment because bundles of paper gets saved!

Recently, I incorporated a chalkboard wall in our home, for our son to doodle on. The first step of the chalkboard wall, was trying to figure out just the right place in the house. I chose this accent wall which is in a central location, where I was sure it would be used a lot.

Step 1
I roughly outlined a rectangular area to paint on, and my son did the painting using Home Decor Chalk Paint (Charcoal) from Itsy Bitsy.

Step 2
We used masking tape to achieve a triangular roof with a chimney for the chalkboard shape. We applied 3 coats of paint and let dry between each coat (this process takes a while).

Step 3
The chalkboard is now ready and we used few floral embellishments and began doodling on it with chalk.

Our family now has a fun place to play and draw!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Supplies Used:

Home Decor Chalk Paint Charcoal

Fun Foam Stickers

Wash Brush

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