Creating Textures with Little Birdie Mixed Media Fibre Paste

Hello Crafters!

This is Harshada Rege and today I’m here to share my experience of using Little Birdie’s Mixed Media Fibre Paste. So lets check what exactly it is…

  1. The fibre paste comes in a 200gms bottle and is non toxic.
  2. It is a thick fibrous paste which can be applied with a palette knife.
  3. Can be used to create a textured surface/ background in mixed media projects, also can be used for highlighting certain portions of your project or creating layers. When used in backgrounds, it gives an appearance of a handmade paper or a recycled paper.
  4. Can be used on multiple surfaces.
  5. Very easy to work with and you will get amazing results when the paste dries up.
  6. Can be mixed with chalk paints, acrylic colours for tinted effect and can be painted or sprayed with inks.

I would like to thank Itsy Bitsy team for sending me Fibre Paste, white gesso and heavy gel medium. I enjoyed making this project using these products.

Working with Fibre Paste was fun and I have used this product to create a simple yet beautiful project.

For this project I have used an old diary and decided to give it an antique look.

Step 1:

Cover the entire front portion of the diary with white chalk paint or white gesso. Little Birdie chalk paints also give a great coverage to your base.

Step 2:

After the chalk paint dries,apply Little Birdie Fibre Paste onto the diary with the help of a palette knife. Take a generous amount of Fibre Paste and spread it over the diary with the knife in one direction and let it dry completely.

Step 3:

Paint the fibrous surface with Fortune Cookie chalk paint to create the base colour of the diary. Then I sprayed green and yellow Alcohol splashes in the corners, you could use the colour of your choice. Let it dry naturally.

Step 4:

As I wanted to create a stained look on the diary, I sprayed Gold Alcohol splash (Golden Mocha) on top and the corners of the diary and used a heat tool for drying and to get a beautiful effect.

Step 5:

I wanted a fusion of ancient Egyptian and an Indian look on my diary so I had already planned my design. For the centre design, I drew a Madhubani peacock and simple Madhubani borders on top and bottom of my diary.

Then I painted my design using Little Birdie chalk paints instead of acrylic colours. I did this purposely as in ancient paintings, mineral colours were used which actually gives a matte finish and the chalk paints worked very well for achieving this effect.

The Fibre Paste gives an appearance of a handmade paper if used in the background. I wanted an appearance of a papyrus and it worked for me. I used it as a ground for painting my Madhubani motif. It was fun painting on a fibrous textured background. Give it a try!

As said earlier, Fibre Paste can be mixed with any colour to get a tinted effect. I have mixed it with red chalk paint (Salsa  red) here and this is how it looks. After mixing the Fibre Paste with acrylics or chalk paints, it becomes little lighter than the original colour. The paste also becomes smoother to work with. This tinted Fibre Paste was used directly on a wooden base.

This is a simple tea light candle holder using Little Birdie Fibre Paste for creating a textured surface.

This was my first guest DT project and I hope you all like it.  Thank you Itsy Bitsy for giving me this opportunity.

Keep crafting!


Products used:

Mixed Media Fibre Paste

Chalk paints

Alcohol splashes

Heavy gel medium


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