Decoupage on Textured Surface- Vintage Style

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Nice to see everyone coming up with colourful and creative crafting projects on Itsy Bitsy FB page lately. We can do almost anything with the wide range of products available at the store, can’t we? So, today I wanted to tryout the recently launched Mixed Media Paste on my decoupage project. Well, I’ve never tried my hands on mixed media so far, but there is always a first time, right?

So, this is what I created today with the supplies I bought from the store.

Please follow this procedure if you would like to make something similar to this…

There are plenty of wooden decorables available at the store which are of good quality and usually doesn’t need any sanding before we work on them. So, I skipped the sanding part on this piece.

Step 1: I applied a coat of Gesso and let it dry. Then I applied a coat of Chalk Paint and allowed it to dry completely.

Step 2: I picked a stencil from my craft supplies, placed it on the tissue box and applied a coat of Little Birdie’s Mixed Media Paste on it with a palette knife.

I repeated this procedure on all the sides of the box and let it dry for about a couple of hours.

Step 3: Then I thinned down Burnt Umber acrylic paint with clean water and applied a coat of it on one side and cleaned it with a tissue immediately so that the paint barely sticks to the surface, but still creates that vintage look.

I let it dry.

Step 4: Then I tore a decoupage tissue and removed the backing paper of the tissue, placed the top layer on the box and applied a coat of decoupage glue on it.

I repeated the procedure on the other sides too and let it all dry.

Step 5: Thereafter, I applied a coat of decoupage glue all over the piece and let it dry. Pretty simple and easy, right?

Thanks for going through my post. To make your own decoupage projects, checkout the new range of decoupage napkins at Itsy Bitsy… there are loads of them to choose from!! Always happy to answer all your questions, so please get back to me if you have any doubts…..

– Keep crafting always


Supplies used in this project (click on the image for product details)


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