Decoupage Wicker Basket

Hi Friends Charita here!

Hope you’re all doing great and looking forward to the New Year. Planning to give some gifts on New Year? Well, why not take the pleasure of making some simple and easy pieces of art which can be gifted to friends and family?

I am here today with a Decoupaged Wicker basket which can be used to store your craft supplies or as a table topper which can hold just about anything!

We all know that Decoupage art is pretty versatile and I wanted to transform a plain wicker basket into something more interesting. So, here is what I created today!

It’s very easy to make something like this and I’d love to guide you through the project..

Step1: I started off with a plain Wicker basket and painted it with White acrylic paint (diluted with clean water) all over (just on the outside) and let it dry.

Step 2:  Then I dampened a round thin brush in clean water and drew a line around the floral pattern on the decoupage napkin, tore it and peeled off the top layer of the tissue.

Step 3: Once I had the tissue layers ready, I placed one piece on the front of the basket and applied a generous coat of decoupage glue, let it dry for about an hour and when it was totally dry, I poked the gaps (between the weaves) with a craft knife so that I could apply decoupage glue again on top of it and make the tissue stick properly.

Step 4: When the glue was totally dry, I dabbed and merged some chalk paint (on the left side where there is no tissue) with a piece of sponge which matches with the tissue – Pink and Green.

That’s it, we are done.. Pretty easy, right?

Please let me know if you liked it!

Thanks for going through my tutorial 🙂

– Charitha


Supplies used in this project (Please click on the image for product details)




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