Decoupage with Skeleton Leaves

Hi Friends!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Hope you’re all in high spirits and filled with creative energy just like me!!

We all know about the recent factory sale which was held at Itsy Bitsy’s warehouse and we are all aware that most of the crafters shopped almost a ton of products… So, when I’d been to the warehouse, almost at the closing time on the last day, there wasn’t much left, but I managed to buy a few supplies which included colourful Skeleton leaves which are so delicate and pretty. I thought I could try decoupaging with them and it actually worked well!

So, here’s the project which I worked on today and I’d love to walk you through the procedure.

Let me show you how I did this..

Step 1: The Pen holder which is available at the store didn’t actually need any sanding as the edges were pretty smooth and so I skipped the sanding part. If your piece is rough at the edges, please sand it with a piece of sanding paper.

Step 2: I painted the piece all over with a shade of Antique Gold.

Step 3: When the paint was totally dry, I applied a coat of Crackle Medium and let it dry.

Step 4: Then I applied a coat of White Chalk Paint on the Crackle Medium and let it dry for about a couple of hours.

Step 5: Thereafter I arranged a layer of skeleton leaves on one side and applied a generous coat of decoupage glue, let it dry for a couple of hours and repeated the process on the opposite side of the piece so that I have the leaves on two opposite sides of the pen holder.

Step 6: With a pair of scissors, I trimmed the extra leaves which were jutting out of the pen holder and with a dry brush, I applied/brushed in a little Antique Gold on the leaves in order to match it up with the gold and white crackled effect on the other two sides.

Step 7: I let it dry for another couple of hours and applied decoupage glue all over the pen holder and I was done with it!

Pretty simple, right? Hope you guys liked it! Please let me know.

Thanks for going through my post. 🙂

– Charitha

Supplies used (Please click on the image for product details)





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  1. This is so unique and a great idea dear . Even these leaves are included in my big bags full of recent great shopping from the sale. I will try this too.

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