DIY Floral Valentine’s Day Tag

Hi everyone, Ann here

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and here’s an easy DIY craft to impress a dear one. The tags I am making today are very versatile…. they can go as gifts or can make wonderful accompaniments with other gifts. You can express your sentiments on them or just add them to gifts for an extra fancy touch!!

Step 1: Use heart shape cut outs in MDF or cardboard.


Step 2:  Paint the cut outs using chalk paints or acrylic paints in colours of your choice. Use a hole punch and jute twine to create a hanger.


Step 3: Use embellishments such as jute twine, paper flowers to decorate it. Once you are happy with the composition glue them to the cut out.


These tags make lovely unique gifts for a dear one on Valentine’s Day.

Keep crafting…..

Love Ann

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