Easy DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

Always wanted to have gorgeous blooms on your dining table or inside that favourite vase that are eye-catchy, yet require no extra maintenance? Stop wishing and start making!

It’s interesting how DIY paper flowers can look so beautiful and realistic, stay pretty for months without drooping or wilting and need no attention at all.

Itsy Bitsy has got all the supplies for you to pick flower making as a hobby and to fall completely in love with it! From fabric petals, pollens, flower making stem,  to floral tape, flower making wire and other essentials, we’ve got you covered. What’s most exciting is the wide variety of flower making crepe paper that will get you hooked on to this. They are available in individual bright and pastel colours, in packs with double shades and with metallic sheen too.

Here are 3 quick DIY crepe paper flowers that are graceful, inexpensive to make, and always in season. Download and print the attached template (find it at the end of the post). Use the template to trace or simply cut-out desired shaped petals and leaves.

  1. We are loving the gerbera in this pastel and gold metallic tone. Create a bunch full of them and you’ll see how gorgeous they are!

  1. This pretty garden rose is sure to add a dash of elegance to any decor space.



  1. This poppy flower in two shades looks incredibly real.

Aren’t you already in love with this idea and have started planning your new décor set-up? Stay tuned for more DIYs and crafting inspiration.

Crepe paper flowers and leaves template

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