Easy Peasy Pendant Bookmarks with Resin and Hardener

Hello Lovely people
Charu here! This time lets make some super easy pendant bookmarks with resin and hardener!

I took some round chipboard tags and applied Little Birdie’s Mixed Media paste instead of gesso, by adding slight water to it!

For one chipboard, I decoupaged a painting of mine with Little Birdie’s decoupage glue .

In this Step, I started preparing my base with some metallic colors, Hearty Melange and Fairy Dust! Itsy Bitsy has a wide range of collection to choose from which you can play around and experiment with!

So this is how they looked after adding some colors, Hearty Melange and Alcohol Splashes.

Now, I mixed one part of Resin to one part of Hardener and stirred them well with a Popsicle stick to remove any bubbles.

When the solution was ready, I poured it on my chipboard tags with a spoon like this!

Allowed it to it dry for an hour and they were done!! Aren’t they truly easy-peasy bookmarks??

Do try some yourself, they are really fun to make!!

Love Charu


Here are the links to products I used!






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