Embossing Texture Paste and Mica Flakes- Review and Fun Projects

Hello Friends,
I am Priya Mishra here today at Itsy Bitsy’s blog as a guest designer and will be sharing sharing with you some interesting facts and fun projects with Little Birdie products, which are Itsy Bitsy‘s own brand’s newly launched supplies. 

First of all, I must say, Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie is bringing a range of out-of-the world Mixed Media products which can be used in various ways. I am really excited for today’s post as I am also using these for the very first time.
Let’s Start with the facts about these products…
Embossing Texture Paste: I received this ‘Avocado Smoothie’ Embossing Texture Paste and the color is really pretty. This looks similar to texture paste but a little thinner than that. You can directly apply it on any surface… it works well on various bases like paper to wood or you can use a stencil to get a desired design.
You can use it with a brush or a palette knife. When you apply heat on it, the color lightens a bit and the bubbles/texture look amazing.
Remark: This product is truly versatile and can be used in many ways. You can control the bubble effect by application of the paste ( how thin or thick ) and heat setting ( high or low). You can see the below projects and check how different the bubbles look. 
Also, it can add beautiful texture to any mixed media project.


Mica Flakes: I received the Silver Mica Flakes which also can be used in multiple ways. This has a clear shine and can be cut into smaller pieces to add to your projects. You can also mix them with gesso or gel medium to add texture to your projects. You can color them and make your projects beautiful.
Remarks: I really love the shine. Also I used it to get some texture on my project.
Isn’t the shine lovely on the hearts here

For this card, I used the base I created using Embossing texture paste. I glued the Mica Flakes on the wooden Heart pieces. Distressed the edges of the card and adhered it on a green card base.

Using both the products, I made this small tutorial. I took this raw MDF base and using Grainy Texture Paste, created some texture on the background.

I adhered the resin window on the base and gave a coat of white gesso. Then I created a tree using tissue papers and gave a coat of Embossing Texture Paste using a brush.

I left it to dry naturally a bit for about half an hour and then heat set to get the bubble effect. And it looked totally amazing. Then I adhered some Mica Flakes to create leaves and covered the surface with black gesso.


As I decided to make a night scene, I cut a small cardboard in the shape of a crescent moon and adhered the Mica Flakes on it. Also covered it with black gesso.
Once it is completely dried, I dry brushed the project with Silver Metallic Paint. And this is how the final project looks like.


Hope you like my projects.
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