Faux Wooden Tissue Box: Vintage Elegance Mixed Media Style!

A very good morning to you guys,  Rashmi here!
 Blogging, I have missed you so much!! But  lately with all the WONDERFUL things happening in my life and welcoming my little bundle of joy “ARHAM” has kept me super occupied, so wasn’t able to stay in touch much. But now I’m trying to get back a little to my schedule and happy to sneak out some time when he is asleep . So here is what I have today, to share with you guys.
P.s. I’m in love with all the new releases Itsy Bitsy has got us! They are just out of the world! 

I 💜 vintage…. So with regards to the time when I have to say goodbye to the DT term here at Itsy Bitsy, I have a wonderful set of techniques to share with you guys! Hope you enjoy!


 So let’s begin the technique packed post!
·        How to create faux wooden effect
·        How to create faux fabric fall
·        Dry brushing with alcohol sprays 
·        Converting and giving a new product a vintage look 
·        Hacks to shading and color blending 
Take an MDF alterable. I used a tissue paper box.


To create a fabric fall we will use a masking tape (Yes you got it right!). Stick the tape to one side of the box in a dimensional manner to create a fabric fall. I have covered as shown in the image.

Now for the exiting faux wooden pallet technique. I have used some glitter foam cut into strips.
Use appropriate glue to stick them.
To add to its grungy look, I have added brads at the ends of the glitter strips before adhering them to the tissue paper box.
Add strips on all sides, just like this.
 For the sides I used a handles too.
You could use slightly lighter foam to  create different depth on the project.

Thereafter I used a coat of Mont Marte gesso on the box.

You can also coat it with Mixed Media paste after adding little water to it.



This is how it should look .

I pulled out the tiny brads used on the sides, from these flower centers.

Next, its time to add the embellishments. Choose what you like and and give the box the look you desire.
I used floral embellishments, wooden chippies, charms etc. Adhered them with silicon glue and multi medium matte  (the more the merrier for a strong hold ). I made sure to make, one side touching the faux fabric fall slightly heavy, and grungy…just to get the look I wanted. Thereafter, I applied a coat of gesso once again .
Using Charcoal Spray and black paint, I covered the embellishments in black.


Spraying different shades of brown, I created multiple coats until I was satisfied with the look . The wooden effect it gives, is simply wonderful.
Then used my favourite Alcohol Splash for the much needed shine and gorgeousness!


 Sprayed shades of black and gold alcohol splash on a plastic sheet and picked a dry brush to highlight and create dimensional effects over the faux wood. Repeated multiple strokes before the paint was too dry. This causes wear and tear and removal of paint from certain places, lightning of shades automatically and giving a vintage look . Continue with this until you get the desired rustic and aged look.
Once satisfied spray with varnish and allow to sun dry !
and TADA we are DONE!


This is how it looks….
OLD , GRUNGY, VINTAGE, RUSTIC! Just the way I like it !!



Love it to the core and hope you do too
Thanks for stopping by
Love Rashmi





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  1. Very nicely explained step by step…..would like to try my hands on. Lovely awesome work…..
    Keep posting such lovely stuff…..looking forward.

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