Getting More Out of Your DREAM CUT: DIY Lantern

Hello folks Rashmi here,

How are you doing ?

Its a new year and a fresh start with new ideas and projects. Festivities, parties will be at the door step every now and then and its nice to be prepared for a quick decor! So today I opted to put my Dream Cut to good use and create a 3D LANTERN  out of a single die . So without much ado , lets check out its tutorial . Its sure fun to make your own decorations, ain’t it ?

Process :

STEP 1: I cutout 4 intricate panels using my Dream Cut (Little Birdie’s two-in-one, die cutting and embossing machine). Thereafter stuck them to acetate sheets using Little Birdie silicon glue .

STEP 2: Attached all the 4 panels in a row as shown in the picture. (at the end I backed it all with shabby chic lace which faced the interior).

STEP 3: This is how it should look from front .

STEP 4: This is how it should look at the back .

STEP 5: Made the base by scoring a piece of card-stock as shown in the image.

STEP 6 : Attach the base using tacky tape in sequenced format (little tricky so be cautious).

STEP 7 : This is how it will look.

STEP 8 : The top view of the lantern. Removed the inner tape and added lace to it.

STEP 9 : Now decorated one side of the panel with flowers and embellishments of my choice. I used the glue gun to stick the accessories, you can use other appropriate glue too and be patient.

STEP 10: Foam pollen with thermocol micro balls  and other pollen can add   a snowy look, if you like it. I topped the flower with some gesso and glitter for some snowy effect. (to keep up with the winter spirit!!)

STEP 11: Added a resin cupid to it, you can use anything else that catches your fancy. Fused  the pollen with pearl strings for an added interest.

Hope you liked the project.


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  1. Such a beautiful lantern, Rashmi! I have been looking for a lantern for a while…I might just make myself one now! 😀

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