Guest Post

Hey Friends Bela here !!!!! Today I have a beautiful mixed media canvas to share with you all.  However its not the regular mixed media canvas. I am here to share one more technique that is photo transfer. Here is my step by step procedure to make your own beautiful mixed media canvas with photo transfe

First of take a 6 x 8 inch primed canvas. After that select a picture which is more or less of the same size and take a print out on a normal printout paper.  Now on the clean canvas apply Little Birdie photo transfer medium generously, 

also add the same medium on the front side of the picture then adhere the front side of the print on the canvas.  Make sure to remove all the air bubbles n stick it thoroughly on the canvas. let it dry overnight.

Now the next day take a wet sponge n rub it on the canvas over the print out n wait for 2 to 3 minutes for the paper to soak all the water. now gently use your fingers to remove the paper from the canvas. u can use the sponge too… remember to be gentle or else the print will also come off with the paper. After u remove all the layers of the paper n the picture is visible let it dry completely.

once dry apply the  little birdie acrylic soft gel medium on the canvas with brush. This will protect your picture when we do the mixed media. After this apply generous layer of Little Birdie Mixed media paste around the picture.  To add more interest to the texture I have stamped at the right side of the picture with musical notes stamp n script stamp. You can use any stamp of your choice. It will create an impression in the modeling paste which will add interest in the texture.  To give it old n grungy look apply little bit of the texture paste on the picture too.

Once you are satisfied with the way the texture blends with the picture thoroughly dry it and then color it with color splash sprays…. I chose the colors which complemented my picture.

Wipe off all the extra paint which is accidently sprayed on the picture.

Dry brush it with the mixed media paste to enhance the textures. Apply the acrylic soft medium in matte or gel to seal it.

There u go!!! Your mixed media canvas with photo transfer is ready.

Hope you find this interesting n creatively inspiring………..  would love to see your version of it.

Love & Hugs