How to use the Accessory Cutting Pad with your ItsyBitsy Dies

A lot of queries came in asking for some tips on how to use the ItsyBitsy Accessory Cutting pad with your ItsyBitsy Dies. So this is a post dedicated to the topic.
The ItsyBitsy Cutting pad is priced at just Rs. 59 and is a great way to make your die cutting machine sandwich sufficiently thick to bring out the beautiful embossing details available on some of the ItsyBitsy Thin Cuts Dies. The cutting pad comes with 10 sheets of thin plastic – similar to OHP transparencies. Depending on the thickness of your paper or card stock and you can decide the number of cutting pad sheets you would require to send the sandwich through your Big Shot or Cuttlebug. Bear in mind, you want it to be thick enough to bring out the embossing details but not so thick that it destroys your machine. Never force it, and only you can be the judge of it. 
I have made a video demonstrating how to use the cutting pad and the resultant effect. It’s also available on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe today if you haven’t already done so as we are constantly updating it with fresh and new tutorials and demonstrations.
Here are the Thin Cuts dies that that contain embossing details within them. For most of them, the outline has the cut edge and the inner designs can be embossed on the card. 

The accessory cutting pad can be used with the Spellbinder dies as well and good news, these too are now available at ItsyBitsy

10 Replies to “How to use the Accessory Cutting Pad with your ItsyBitsy Dies”

  1. Thanks for video sunhera it really explained well how to use these OHP sheets ..was really looking forward to more info about this product….And i think this is a must buy for those with die cutting machines especially in India…loved your card too beautiful!!

  2. Sunehra so excited to see a foam cutter in the store website…googled it up and found it has possibilities to cut thermocol…but not much info on the Itsy Bitsy website…Would love it if you could do a review on it…I am dying to get my hands on it as if it cuts thermocol it has so many exciting recyling craft possibilities!

  3. Yes waiting eagerly…your store is an hour drive at the best of Bangalore traffic otherwise I would have driven down just to see this …as you may be knowing I am a big recycling freak and if this thing cuts thermocol …it would be my dream tool!!

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