Let’s Paint a Rose Wreath

Hello friends Charu here!
I hope you enjoyed my last tutorial!
This time I am back with an easy- peasy watercolor flower wreath.

I love watercolors as they create a dreamy effect on paintings. Watercolor wreaths are fun and easy to do and it’s super relaxing too. Firstly, you don’t need to care about blending and mixing colors. Secondly, you can use them for everything – cards, writing sheets, gift tags, book marks, name cards etc. 

I am painting some roses first and then we will make a wreath out of it

These are the materials I used for this creation:


Step 1: I roughly drew the circles to decide where my roses will be drawn

I have took a dark shade of orange and started doodling with a  recycle sign in the center as  you can see and then painted around it.

 Step 2: In this step we will use softening technique where we are going to soften the lines we made with orange for rose petals….just like this.

Step 3: I am doodling some more roses with red.

Step 4: I decided to add some leaves and fillers in the wreath like this. I would like to show how I did these fillers, leaves, berries for the wreath .

Step5: I kept doodling some more leaves, fillers in purple and yellow, some berries and twigs . I stamped some sentiments with stamps from my stash. You can write in your own handwriting or get a printout too.

You can use them for just about every artistic endeavor under the sun … snail mail, wedding materials,  business identity…. to name just a few. Finally, it’s super relaxing!! Put on a good podcast, have some hot tea and go on a creative spree of making a beautiful watercolor wreath of your own!

Uploading a short video on how I paint roses . Sorry for the shaky video as I was shooting with one hand and painting with the other watching through the screen 🙂

 Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Bye for now ! Happy Painting till then 🙂

Do share your creativity with this wreath technique!

Supplies Used:
































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  1. I like this simple way of painting roses, especially the tip about doing the recycle sign in the center. The methods for leaves and other foliage is also helpful. Very fine tutorial.

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