Let’s paint a whimsical bird with watercolor pencil

Hi Friends Charu here,
Hope you all had a good time celebrating the festival.
Now lets get back to some art project. This time I am doing a cute little birdie with Mont Marte watercolor pencils which are vibrant, rich in colors , available in lovely shades and super fun to use too!

I started with a light sketch of a birdie in pencil on watercolor paper.

I inked the sketch with waterproof black marker pen.

So our sketch is ready to color with Mont Marte color pencils. I am using yellow orange and red, to color this birdie. It is very simple, just color the subject of your choice the way you do with color pencils. I applied yellow first and then orange on the tail and then I applied some red.

Now begins the fun part, wet your brush (here I am using no.2 round brush) and apply it on the bird like this….

Look at the way the colors are merging into each other !

Now I am applied colors to leaves and flowers like this. I applied yellow followed by green around it, when you will mix the colors the watercolor pencil will automatically mix the color for you and create some lovely shading for you.

TIP: Don’t just use green colors for leaf, make your own green by mixing greens and yellow or green and blues 🙂

I also like to color leaves in whimsical colors like pink and purple.

The best part about these watercolor pencils is, you can use apply wet brush to the pencil and use it from pencil to paper like this.



So this is how I progressed with little birdie so far.

For eyes I applied brown and left some white space for highlight.

I am using all lovely colors provided in the set to colors the flowers.


A closer look on eyes here…

So this is how our little birdie will look after painting.

I added some texture on the belly and head of the bird with red watercolor pencil.

I also added some lines to the leaves, added some more flowers and leaves around the birdie  and also on the branch on which it is perching.

Added some texture to the branch too !

This is the result of our painting with watercolor pencils, a bright, quirky little birdie surrounded by flowers and berries and I decided to put a berry in its beak 🙂

Hope you all like this step by step project in watercolor pencils..

Do share your feedback and don’t forget to ping me if you have any doubts.

Some more fun project with Mont marte watercolor pencils!

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