Let’s start Art Journaling!

Hello Lovely People Charu here!

I am sure You all are enjoying the wonderful posts by all our DT members! They are so inspiring and so much fun to do!
Lately I have been doing Art journaling in my little journals and I was posting it on Facebook too. People were really keen to know how do I do it, so here I am giving you a tutorial on a very basic of art Journaling.

Wondering why art journaling?

Because it’s a wonderful way of expressing yourself, exploring new techniques and as it need not to be expensive or complicated, you can have more fun with your creativity!

What is an Art journal ?
An art journal, or artist’s journal, is a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of his/her thoughts and ideas. Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists.
ART JOURNAL can be about Gratitude list, Dictionary of Your feelings, about inspirational quotes , about self care or just anything else !

So Let get startred

Step1: The basic supplies needed for art journaling are

  • art journal (It can be a scrapbook too, which you can find easily.
  • Paint – Mont Marte acrylic and/or watercolor are good choices
  • Permanent artist pen in black
  • Pencil  
  • Step 2: Make a Background

A  beautiful background is always a great place to begin. So I decided to use yellow and orange Monte Marte acrylic colors as a base, I started with a shade of yellow followed by orange around it .

Step 3: Now I am using my fingers to smudge more colors at the border of the journal , I love to get messy with colors .

Step 4: I am using Burgundy and Burnt Sienna to make the border of the journal like this.

Step 5: Now begins the fun part! Let’s add more texture to this shiny golden page 🙂 I am using my son’s Lego toy(of course after taking his due permission ) to create some dot texture on this page with black.

Step 6: I am using Little Birdie botanical stamps and little birdie dot stencils to create border and background

I have used burgundy with the help of sponge to create background with stencils .

Step 7: Once you have a background, you have a great base upon which to layer images and/or text. So I decided to stamp a beautiful floral from Little Birdie stamp set and painted it with Mont Marte watercolor.

Step 8: I then cut the  flowers with a pair of scissors and pasted it on my journal like this . Once the page is dry, use a pen to write messages or doodle . I like to use a  white gel pen and  black markers.

Step 9: We are almost done , I decided to write Gratitude with Mont Marte black fine liner and I doodled some borders, flower, leaf,  dots until I filled up the page and TADA!! Its done.

You can write a proverb, some inspirational quotes or just express your feelings !

Here are some more pages from my art journal.Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope I inspired you to try this wonderful art journaling and to start an Art journal of your own.

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