Mini Treasure Box with Watercolor Floral Ballet Paper Pack

Hello Crafty people,

I am Kirti and I am so glad to be here with my first post on Itsy Bitsy’s blog!!

I am sure, you must have checked out the newly launched paper pack ‘Watercolor Floral Ballet’ by Little Birdie . When I received this paper pack, I was totally in love with the style and variety of floral and leafy prints on it!!

While I was thinking about how to best use this pack, a brilliant idea crossed my and I created a personalized gift for someone who I really admire, someone who is a brilliant artist, an avid story teller and a fantastic dramatics teacher. So, it had to be something special!!

Looking at this floral paper pack, all that echoed in my mind was Blooms and how I could give the pastel shades of flowery designs added beauty. Let me tell you, Little Birdie’s Watercolour Floral Ballet is a compilation of 12 stunning flowery sheets in varied soft colours along with some quotes and sentiments which are ready to be used in projects just by fussy cutting them.

So without wasting much time let us have a look on how I made this Mini treasure Box!!

Of course, first step is to visit Itsy-Bitsy and get all the required materials under one roof!! This is what I gathered before starting….

  • Black cardstock
  • Chipboard sheets
  • Red tacky tapes
  • Double sided tape
  • Flowers according to color theme
  • Glue
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Metal charms
  • Sparkling embellishments
    Now its time to start!!  
    To make this mini treasure box, I have cut the chipboard into following dimensions
    8X8 inch- 1 piece
    8X4 inch-2 pieces
    8X5 inch-1 piece
  • 8×1.5 inch- 4 pieces
  • 8×3 inch-1 piece

  •  Place a big piece of black cardstock (24×24 inch) and arrange these pieces to form the base of the mini treasure box just as shown in the picture above.
  • My idea here was to form a mini box with the flaps and and close the top opening with scrapbook lock. I have used strong double sided tacky tape to secure my chipboard firmly in place. The important step here was to cut the EXTRA CARDSTOCK NEATLY to form the cover of our treasure box. Cut the corners of black card stock diagonally as shown the picture.
  • Now cut the extra length till the first corner fold and slit the cardstock horizontally to form cover fold of middle chipboard.
  • Repeat the same process from all the four sides.
  • Now stick the cut folds and your base is ready.
  • Cover all the chipboard with base card stock leaving the folds open without any hindrance
  • Its time to add some space for pictures. I decided to add folds accordingly to accommodate almost 10 pics and one small pocket to hold some extra messages.
  • So I have taken a long sheet of black card stock (22x5inch) and marked it at 4 inches each to form 5 accordion fold layout. The last one I marked at 2 inches and folded it upward.
  • Then I have cut the pattern papers. Embellished them beautifully to add life to the project.
  • At the top of my mini treasure box, I have added scrapbook lock instead of ribbons to give a feel of a treasure box.

So here I leave you, with the pictures of my final project to decide how it has turned out!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are feeling inspired to get started and gift your loved ones such lovely and easy to make DIY mini treasure boxes. For any further queries, feel free to ping us and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy crafting!!


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