Painted Ceramic Mug by Shantha Prabhu

I have this fascination for painting silhouettes and here’s another of my favorite one that depicts a cold winter night but this time on a mug, using ceramic paints!!


Before I started painting the mug, I made sure that the surface was dry and clean.

I checked the size of a card stock to go perfectly around the mug.

I then sketched a random design using a pencil. Following which, I cut out the sketched shape. I used this as a stencil for my project.

I then adhered the stencil to the top portion of the mug.

I poured out sufficient amount of ceramic paints in colors of my choice. I mixed a few paints in different combinations to get different shades.

I started off by dabbing a lighter shade of blue from the top. I used a flat brush for this.

I then gradually moved to other darker shades, finally ending with black. This gave me the base of the winter sky.

Using the same flat brush, I carefully dabbed black to create the silhouettes of the pine trees.

I finally sprayed white all around the painted portion to give the effect of snow.

I carefully peeled off the stencil that I had pasted to expose the masked portion of the mug.

After allowing my design to dry completely for 24 hours, I heated the mug in the oven for approximately half an hour at 140 °C to fix the painted design.

Please note that one must avoid washing the painted article for at least 24 hours after this step is done.


Mont Marte- Ceramic Paint

Craft Scissors

Flat Brush

Card Stock

Craft Glue

My idea of a party on a cold winter evening is when I hang out in a cozy corner with my favorite books and a steaming hot cup of delicious coffee. What are your projects for the winter holidays?

Happy Weekend!!



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  1. Shantha, this is gorgeous! That night sky…OMG. The way you’ve graduated the shades all the way to black…phew! Thanks for the tut…though I’d dare not try it…hah! Not with black anyway…I’ll probably land with a muddy mess x(

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