Quick Paintings with Acrylic

Its the season of gifting!! And what better way than to make wonderful miniature paintings quickly to give away as gifts!!

Here’s a short video on how you can quickly paint using Acrylic Paints!!

I hope you enjoyed watching the quick video and would love to try out the method shown, to make a painting similar to this one:

I picked up a piece of chalk board on which I applied a layer of the Mixed Media Paste: White. This would add some texture to my painting.

After it dried, I blended a bit of sky blue which I prepared by mixing Prussian Blue and White. This way I painted the sky.

By using a mixture of Crimson and Prussian blue, I painted the mountain with the help of a palette knife.

I added highlights to the mountain to give the effect of snow covered peaks using acrylic white.

I then painted the tree trunks using brown.

By gently dabbing, I painted the foliage with a flat brush using Sap Green.

Using Black I added depth to the painting.

Here’s a look at the finished piece.

Being a DT member, I got a little pampered this Christmas with this Jar of Mixed Media Paste: Slate.  Thank You team Itsy Bitsy!

There are dozens of techniques where you can use the Mixed Media paste. I need to try all of those. But, I somehow couldn’t resist trying out a quick painting using it.

Would you like to try a couple of these quick paintings too?

Do let me know!!

Happy Holidays!!





Palette Knife

Dimension Acrylic Paint

Mixed Media Paste: White

Mixed Media Paste: Slate


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