Rosette Cupcake Toppers! With some Cupcakes!

My son’s school year came to an end this past Wednesday and we all went to collect the report card from his teachers. My son is just 4 years old, which is why I am always hugely grateful to his teachers for looking after him all year. I thought a nice gesture would be some homemade cupcakes and nothing is more fun than adorable little cupcake toppers to accessorise them. So here’s what I made. 
Here’s a look at the actual toppers. I decided to do paper rosettes in different sizes with vibrantly coloured pattern papers and some adorable Itsy Bitsy stickers for the centre. Here’s a look at the whole set of six rosette toppers. 
I did each rosette in 2 sizes, one is 2″ diameter and other is 3″ diameter. I glued them on either side of a craft stick and placed the 3D sticker in the centre. And you know how addicted I am to bows so I had to add a few of those as well. The fabulous new buttons from Itsy Bitsy offered me my finishing touch!
If you would like to know how I made the rosette cupcake toppers, I am happy to say that I’ve made a video tutorial detailing how each rosette was put together and how I achieved the overall look. In this video you will also get a firsthand look at our new Itsy Bitsy scoreboard! Yes you read it right! We’ve got our very own indigenously made scoring board which retails for just Rs. 499. You can watch the rosette tutorial and the scoring board demo right here. 

The cupcakes with with their toppers stayed in tact until they were presented to the teachers, who were delighted to receive them. It’s always nice to give homemade goodies as a thank you gift especially in such circumstances and since I enjoy baking, it was no problem at all. But I’m so glad I added the toppers. They really put an original and extremely colourful spin on the whole proceedings!

Have you done cupcake toppers or rossettes? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and we’ll be sure to pop by!

Supplies Used: Click on the image to visit the product page on our website.

16 Replies to “Rosette Cupcake Toppers! With some Cupcakes!”

  1. Hi Sunehra
    Itsy Bitsy has become my favorite blog now and I love your tute videos…. You guys are awesome!

    I have seen you use a jumbo pink colour adhesive tape roller. I want to buy that one…. Please share details….

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Shruti – thanks so much for your kind words. So glad to read that you enjoy our videos. We really work hard to offer a range of creative options for inspiration. We don't stock the jumbo pink tape runner as it's a pricy option with the refill itself costing about Rs. 500. Instead we offer a really economical variety which is really easy to use and is so reasonably priced that when the tape finishes, you can just get a new one. Visit this link to view:

  3. your rosettes are really beautiful and even the cupcake stands back. it too agree with shruti and itsy bitsy is the onestop shop for all the items. i wish i would plan a window shopping soon.

  4. I just love these cupcake topper's you have made they look so pretty …Especially the colors and the paper's you have used !! I am sure it would have been quite a hit with your son's teacher too 🙂

  5. This is such a cute gesture,I'm sure more than the teachers your son must have felt so special for such a thoughtful MOM!!……and the itsy bitsy buttons add a spl touch to the project, thanx for sharing, would chk out the scoring board too!!

  6. Sunehra they are sooooooo beautiful .And though I have made cards and paper gifts for teachers never baked them anything…You sure know how to butter up [pun intended!!] the most important people in your kiddos life!! Kuttu and me are going to be dropping by your place this vacation to devour your cakes and cookies!

  7. Hahah – I am making a sound investment in my children's future at school (!!) Haha – And to avoid looking like an over-enthu buttering up mother, I went early and got Dhruv to hand it over quickly before anyone else saw. Looking forward to having you guys over… when your schedule gets better. Talk soon!

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