Simple and Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Hi friends!

Hope everyone’s doing great and looking forward to Christmas! Well, I’m already in the holiday mood and feeling Christmassssy So, here I’m today with a Christmas wreath and would love to share a tutorial with you all!

Itsy Bitsy has actually stocked up a ton of exciting, glittery and colourful products which are perfect for the holiday season and can be readily used, but I wanted to play around with the raw material available in the store and create something unique which goes with the theme and ended up making a wreath!

So, this is the piece I worked on! Okay, so let me walk you through this project!

Step 1: I chose three different sizes of thermocole spheres

Step 2: Then I inserted craft sticks to each sphere and painted a few of ’em with antique gold and a few with crimson red and let them dry!

Step 3: I planned on decoupaging a couple of spheres, so I had to tear the tissue. Tearing a tissue can be done in two ways – either tear it along the design casually or dip a paint brush in water, run the damp brush along the design and tear it! I always go with the second method as it’s easier for me.

Step 4: When working with a tissue, we’ll always have to separate the layers and just use the top layer. So, here I’m peeling off the top layer which will be glued on the sphere with decoupage glue / mod podge. I used Little Birdie’s Decoupage glue.

Step 5: Then I applied decoupage glue on the painted spheres (which were dry) and dusted them with glitter and confetti and let them dry!

Step 6: Then I thought I could use a cardboard for the base and drew two circles in order to cut it in the shape of a ring.

Step 7: With a glue gun, I stuck the spheres randomly.

Step 8: Then it was the time consuming part – Sticking feathers (with the glue gun) in between and behind the spheres!


Here’s my pretty wreath ready to be used for decoration….

Hope you all liked it! Please get back to me if you have any questions. Thanks for going through my post 🙂

– Charitha

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