Spectacular Gift Wrappings

I think the origins of my love for craft began with wrapping gifts. I loved going over the top with dressing up my presents. Even if the gift itself wasn’t much, I felt it made the experience of receiving a gift substantially more enjoyable when the gift itself was wrapped impeccably. So this blog post is all about spectacular gift wrappings. 

I have 2 gifts to present. For one I have created the gift box from pattern paper and dressed it up with ribbon, flowers and bows . For the other, I used a gift wrapping paper set from Itsy Bitsy which I draped over the gift box in a fairly unique way. I saw it done once at a toy store and it was so original I had to try it at home. So here’s my first gift.

I used blue pattern paper combined with blue pearl card stock to create a custom made gift box. A neighbour had just had a baby so I was presenting some home made cookies in this box. Then I wrapped this stiff silver ribbon around and added a few extra loops to make an extravagant bow. As a final touch, I added a blue crochet flower from Itsy Bitsy and a few roses around the lid as well. 

 For my next gift, I picked up this wonderful gift wrapping paper set from Itsy Bitsy. It’s simply marvellous as it comes with a substantial amount of paper, coordinated organza ribbon, a matching tag and matching tissue paper to make the inside look great too. All this for just Rs. 20!! Isn’t that a steal! After draping the paper and tying the bow, I added some Itsy Bitsy flowers and embellishments to jazz it up a bit and voila! My gift was ready.
Do you share my love for spectacular gift wrappings? Would love to see your creations. Leave a comment and let us know! Till then Happy Crafting!!
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