Whimsical Beach Canvas with Mixed Media Paste

Hello Lovely people,

Here’s Charu wishing You all a very Happy, Prosperous and Joyful New year!

May this year be filled with loads of joy, laughter, enthusiasm and loads of creativity! Today I am back with a mixed media tutorial with Little Birdie’s newly launched Mixed Media Paste.

The good thing about this paste is we can use it as a gesso as well as modelling paste. It comes in 2 colors in 400 gms packs and the best part is, it is good value for money! It is tintable with different colour mediums and inks. Great for creating smooth as well as highly textured patterns! Clean up with water.

So I decided to use this for making some sea waves and this is how I did it!


Step 1: I applied the paste horizontally, directly from the jar on Mont Marte canvas.

Step 2: I sprayed the canvas with alcohol splashes like  this, using the shades, Frosted Pool and Lemon Zing.

Step 3: After the colours dried, it looked like this. I love the textures here!

Step 4: Now to make sea waves, I used some acrylic colors and chalk paint. I applied those colors on the canvas to create more depth in it.

Step 5: Again I used Mixed Media Paste to create frothy and fuzzy waves. I used sponge and I dabbed it on the canvas like this :  

Step 6: With a palette knife I applied more Mixed Media Paste on places where I wanted to create waves.

Step 7: I also created texture for the sand with this two in one Mixed Media Paste. I really loved the effects I got from this wonderful paste.

Step 8: I added shadow beneath the waves to create some depth with olive green acrylic color.

Step 9: I collected some chipboards and shells from the store and arranged them on the canvas to create a whimsical beach .

Step 10: I applied some acrylic colors and sprayed it with shades of alcohol splash, added some beads, sawdust, art stones and twigs here and there .

Step 11: Added a sticker with inspirational message. I also added some golden color on the shells, a small bottle with some beads in it, to give a more interesting look like this! And Voila! I am done !


Step 12: Here is the final result!!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! Mixed media paste is a must grab for all artist and crafters!

Have a closer look at the rough waves I created using the Mixed Media Paste.

You can use it the way you like to add some special effects to your projects.

Thanks for being with us




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  1. Hey thts really cool Sap! Thankyou so much you liked it!
    I made one more canvas where I kept a beach chappal near by will share the image with you!

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