Whimsical Mixed Media Golden Butterfly Canvas

Hello Friends Charu here!

Spring is here and so are beautiful blooms and our colourful fluttery friends! So I decided to make a spring inspired mixed media butterfly canvas today!

To start with, I used Little Birdie mixed media paste and applied it with the wall stencil to create the background.

When the first layer dried completely, I splashed some alcohol splashes (Frosted Pool and Marigold) over it.

Tips: When you are using splashes make sure you are doing it in an airy and ventilated room!

If you don’t want it to be tacky and creamy, let the first layer dry completely before you start with the next layer of colors with alcohol splashes.

Now I arranged my center piece, I have used chipboard shapes, some buttons, laces, stones and a metal butterfly from my stash.

Once again I applied mixed media paste on the center piece and also on the background layer as I wanted it to give a chalky and vintage look!

Now begins the fun part, I applied Little Birdie decoupage glue on the chipboard frame and stuck gold Hearty Melange and golden Fairy Dust to it. I also applied Golden Plum shade of Tinted Metallic Paint to the center piece.

Now I applied the scripture stencil to the left and bottom of the canvas.

I am loving the way it has come out especially the texture and matte look I got with Little Birdie mixed media paste!

Now I added an art stone and few more stones to balance the whole composition. I recycled a bottle cap to make a simpleĀ  resin embellishment with Little Birdie resin and hardener and I think it was perfect to add it here to the canvas.

To complete the project, I splashes some splatters with Frosted Pool and white acrylics and also added some golden color here and there! Finally, this is how it looks!

A closer view of the textures!


I hope you enjoyed the project! Please feel free to ask me if you are not clear about any of the steps. Little Birdie has wonderful products to play with, try them out sometime! The possibilities are endless and that gives a lot of scope for experiments….

Happy crafting!

Cheers Charu


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