Winners of the ItsyBitsy Make it Dimensional Challenge

After great deliberation and evaluation, we were finally able to decide the winners and finalists for the ItsyBitsy Make it Dimensional Challenge. We had 95 stupendous entries and needless to say it was next to impossible to narrow it down to 2 winners. But we managed it and without further delay, here you go!

Congratulations to Tejal and Isha Tripathi. Both these talented ladies made side step cards which have totally blown us away!! Although the style of cards was similar they were starkly different in their final result. While Tejal‘s was fun, vibrant and cheerful, Isha‘s was intricate, ornate and so pretty. Congrats to both of you for your truly well deserved wins!

And now on to the finalists. The process of selection starts with us selecting the ones we liked the most. Usually that’s about 20 submissions. They we start narrowing it down to the best 8. From these we select the winning 2 and the remaining 6 are the finalists. This time around, we are issuing badges to the finalists as well because we believe it’s a might big feat to top the work 87 other contestants!! Kudos to you all!

We loved Bhavana Kesarkar’s crimped flowers card which was so calming and pleasing to the eye.

We loved that Bipasha drew and colored the bird herself on this extremely creative card – Lovely!

We loved Saumya Mohanty‘s take on pattern paper on a red MDF wall shelf thingy – Awesome!

We loved Khushboo‘s quad easel card – how cheerful, bright and so very neat!

We loved Syaz awesome quilled cakes – these were a work of art!

And we loved Priya Sondhi‘s monochromatic card set – Wow! How gorgeous are these!

So that’s it. 2 new craft queens have been crowned and the courtiers revealed! Well done to all. Winners please write in to to obtain your voucher and winning badge.
Finalists please write in to to obtain your finalist badge.

Looking forward to many more great entries in our KISS challenge. Till then Happy Crafting Folks!

20 Replies to “Winners of the ItsyBitsy Make it Dimensional Challenge”

  1. Wow !!!!! This are most amazing cards I ever seen. I really congratulate the top winners & wish all the best to the toppers who have been selected. I love that part more when a card is hand made purely. Loved the hand drawn bird its amazing. I wish you all. All the best. I wish to see more.

    Thank you all for giving me a passion for cards I really want to learn how u all did all these

  2. Hi Sunehra..I have dropped a mail in claiming the finalist badge,and am not pretty much sure if there has to be done something else too. Do let me know asap as am doing it for the first time :S! xoxo…hugs

    —a “confused” Bips(present status :P!!)

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