An Exploding Box Card

An exploding box is a great variant to a traditional card. From the outside it looks like a present or gift box but then when you open it, you’re in for a lovely surprise – photos, messages and other personalized notes. My mother-in-law’s birthday is this Friday and I thought this would be great way to wish her as well as share some timeless photos.

At first glance, it looks just like a gift. The idea is that we give it to her as if it is her birthday present. Then when she opens it, she’ll be treated to an expansive compilation of pictures with her near and dear ones. I also included a message, making this so much Β more than just a birthday card.

I saw this box on a tutorial so here’s the link. I really liked this style of exploding box because it isn’t too busy. Plus it’s really easy to create. The video explains clearly how to put it together so I’ve added some photos of how I decorated each square. There wereΒ 9 squares and I wanted each pair to look different and unique without any recurring theme.

I made green and pink flowers using the my Sizzlits die and Big Shot machine. I also used one of ItsyBitsy’s embossing folders for 2 of the squares. I combined pattern papers with card stock for the remaining squares and moved on to the outside of the box.

The outside of the box was plain white and could use some decoration, so I stamped each square with a stamp set from ItsyBitsy. For a contrast I made the lid of the box solid red. Put everything together and my exploding box was done!

Each square contained a picture and a message. I finished the look with a huge yellow bow on the top.
Here’s the final outcome. Have to say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

And here’s a video of how the box opens and ‘explodes’.

Happy Crafting peeps!

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  1. Lovely.I too made one for my husband's birthday recently ,but mine drove me nuts.I like this technique better.Did it take a lot of time?Love the paper you have used on the outside of the box and love how you spelt out the message to your mother in law.Very sweet.:-)

  2. Hi Sumi – it literally took 5 minutes to make the box. Embellishing of course took a while. The paper is actually just white card with a stamped image – turned out quite pretty ultimately. Cheers!

  3. Your exploding card looks superb !!i totally love this idea and am gonna try making one too….. i think this is such a perfect B'day gift for your MIL ..i know my mom would love to receive something like this !!oh and before i forget i loved the stamping you have done !! at first i thought that it was a PP… it looks gorgeous and loved the way you have used the alpha's …i have been hoarding mine forever now i knw what to do with them πŸ™‚

  4. Shubhra! The reigning champ of the ItsyBitsy challenge! You haven't submitted anything yet for our tri Color challenge. Hope you are! Would love to see your creative spin on the theme! And thanks for the comment. Appreciate it!

  5. Sonia thanks for the shout out – really sweet of you to single me out like that! It is actually unfathomable to me that you have 900 odd followers! Your blogging techniques should be etched in gold.

  6. Hussena – that's really sweet of you to say. Today is the big day and I wanted to give it to her but my hubby got all senti and said he wanted to be around when I presented it. So I'm holding on to it till dinner time. Arghh Cant wait!!

  7. wooow sunehra….that is damn cute…I have done explosion boxes before but never so cute i believe and so touching…i love that bow…i can never get them right ya….need to learn from u

  8. Thanks Kavitha – I too saw this for the first time and had to try it out – it was so simple and opened out quite well. The link to the tutorial is really good, you should be able to make in a flash!

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